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As independent insurance agents, our job is to provide you the most cost effective insurance from a variety of insurance companies.

Insurance and Credit Scoring

Credit Scoring

Most companies continue to utilize credit scoring as one of the components used in determining insurance premiums.  The Indiana General Assembly recently passed legislation that alters the way companies can use this information, to the benefit of the consumer.  If you are interested in more information about this legislation, feel free to contact our office by phone or email.

Toys of Summer

Credit Scoring

If you are thinking about buying a boat, motorcycle or jet ski we will be happy to help you in obtaining a quote for both property and liability coverage.  Many customers think that these "toys of summer" are automatically covered under a homeowners policy.  This is not necessarily true.   If you have purchased any type of recreational vehicle, or are thinking of doing so, it is best to contact our office so we can discuss the best way to provide coverage and get the information we need to provide a competitive quote. Along these lines, you also need to contact our office if you are considering putting in a pool (either above or in ground).  While coverage for pools does fall under your homeowners policy, it is necessary that your company is aware of the exposure and the proper limits have been secured.

Planning a Vacation

Credit Scoring

If you are planning a vacation that will leave your home unoccupied, make sure to follow some safe guards that will protect against loss or damage while you are away: Be sure that small appliances (irons, coffee pots) are turned off and even unplugged to prevent fire or smoke damage. To discourage vandalism and burglaries while you are away, make sure to halt newspaper and mail delivery, set lights on timers and mow your grass on the day you le ave. Make sure a trusted neighbor or relative has a key to the home to check in on the house.  This same person should have a phone number to reach you and the phone number of your insurance agent in case a claim should occur while you are away.

Home Improvement

Credit Scoring

If you are planning any kind of home improvement project, please be sure to contact our office as changes to your home can affect your insurance coverage.  For example, if you add square footage or finish off a basement or bathroom, this will affect the replacement value of your home.  Also, updating the roof, electric, heating and plumbing of your home could potentially make you eligible for better programs and may lower your homeowners premium.  Always be sure to contact us as soon as the project begins as we want to be sure you have adequate coverage amounts for improvements from the time they are started.