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It is estimated that losing an employee can cost anywhere from 1.5 to 2 times the employee’s salary. This makes hiring qualified employees important, but what’s more significant is ensuring they enjoy working for the company. Recruiting practices are ever-evolving to attract the new generation of workers and remain a crucial role in any organization’s success. Below are six creative ways to recruit and retain employees.

1. Look Inward

Better recruitment starts with retention. If your employees frequently become dissatisfied and leave after a short time, you’ll still find yourself in constant need of new hires even with smart recruiting practices. Buy-in from employees is one of the more crucial parts of staff retention. This is because the flipside of that coin is high turnover rates, which will add costs very quickly. It could also lead to “turnover contagion” (when other employees follow suit after others quit) due to faster burnout from understaffing. Be sure to check in regularly and gauge workloads and stress levels to avoid more departures.

Additionally, current employees can be a pivotal part of the recruitment process in a few ways:

  1. Including some of your brightest workers in the interview process can tip the scales in your favor when prospective candidates ask about a typical employee’s experience.
  2. Promoting inwardly rather than externally hiring is more advantageous. Upward mobility bolsters an employee’s staying power by showing them there’s room for growth and ensuring they stay engaged with the organization.
  3. Word of mouth will likely mean more than anything you include in a job listing, so having a staff that speaks favorably about your company to others will open new recruitment opportunities.

Lastly, be sure to take care of your employees by identifying areas that you can improve to make the workplace more accommodating to your staff’s wellbeing.

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2. Engage Your Employees

Engagement is one of the best ways to have better retention and output because engaged employees tend to have higher job satisfaction, feeling like a valued team member rather than a cog in a machine. To increase employee engagement, start recurring, fun activities to get people socializing with each other and relaxing a bit. This can boost morale and the quality of work. Here are some tips to help get you started:

  • Make it easy for employees to focus on the work they really love. Administrative work is necessary for any job, however, employees getting bogged down in these tasks may forget what they love about their profession. Be sure that employees are able to complete work that makes them happy.
  • Have more fun! Take time to go do something together as a team. Anything from bowling to scavenger hunts or a private party at your favorite restaurant. These social events help people bond with others on the team with whom they may not interact on a regular basis. This helps build a better sense of community within your team and organization.

3. Be Transparent About Career Development

Many people are looking for more than a job: they’re seeking a career. Being transparent and promoting your career development opportunities can attract dedicated workers who you can count on for years to come. Show employees how their role helps the organization achieve their vision as well as how their role may change in the future. This will boost how much each employee is invested in the success of the company. Here are a couple of ways to complete this:

  • Sit down and list specific responsibilities for each position and how they align with the company’s vision. This will help employees feel connected to their roles by understanding why they are important.
  • Ask your CEO for a quote that explains how particular positions contribute to the company’s vision. Use that quote in a postcard format and hand it out to employees. This may be used for motivation and a reminder of their importance.

4. Utilize Social Media to Display Your Work Culture

What makes your company a great place to work? Tell people about it! There are a variety of different platforms to get your message out there, especially LinkedIn. LinkedIn is viewed as the Facebook for the workplace. Professionals post their achievements, anniversaries and promotions on the site. The same should apply for your organization. Your organization needs to find the items that make them stand out. Such as:

  • Company culture
  • Work/life balance opportunities
  • Values/community involvement

These are all items that need to be on display to the business world. This will not only assist in recruitment, but also in retention. Yoru employees will be able to see what your organization offers as opposed to others. Talk to your current employees to find out what they enjoy the most. Not only will this clue you in to what you should be promoting, but you can consider turning these conversations into employee testimonials as well.

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5. Embrace Diversity

Everybody wants to feel welcome at work, which should be acknowledged during every step of the recruitment process. You need to ask yourself:

  • How can I make this workplace more inclusive?
  • Am I doing anything right now that might make candidates feel like they aren’t welcome?
  • How can I try new methods and channels to access a more diverse candidate pool?

A diverse workplace allows for more ideas to openly flow. It will also allow your employees to better understand your customer’s needs and come up with solutions to fulfill them.

6. Offer Flexible Work Options if Possible

If possible, consider offering flexible shifts and/or remote work. This is becoming a new trend within the workplace. Flexible work options can attract dedicated and reliable employees such as semi-retirees, new parents and students. The talent pool can never be too large. People who fall in these categories are often highly reliable, but might not be available to work a typical nine-to-five due to family, school obligations, or other life circumstances. If you can offer remote work, it will increase the pool of candidates who can fulfill your role. The more an employer is willing to work for their employee, the more likely their employee will be willing to work for them. This is a two-way street.

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Society Insurance is Here to Help

Getting creative with your recruitment practices can not only save you money from employee turnover, but also improve your employee satisfaction rate and workplace diversity. These are items that will not only save your organization time and money, but also improve morale. At Society Insurance, we know that your most valuable assets aren’t assets at all: they’re people. To learn more about how you can protect your employees and your business, contact your local Society agent today for a free quote.